As a child, I was obsessed with art. Still am, to be fair.

I was constantly sketching and painting both people and nature.

Then it evolved to days spent photographing friends on film and pottering away in the university colour darkroom. Naturally, I fell in to capturing important moments in the histories of people's lives and it's been a passion of mine ever since.

I started my professional career as an art and art history teacher, but was photographing weddings and families during the holidays and weekends. So, after getting married and travelling the world, I took the leap and became a full-time photographer.

Since then I've photographed in New Zealand and abroad, bought and renovated our first home and welcomed two wonderful little boys to the fray.

genuine emotion

natural light


To each other and to the environment. I am always searching for those quiet moments of love and tenderness, in a hug, in a look, in the way you hold hands.

Early morning and late afternoon/evening are hands-down the best times of day to have your shoot. The light is both flattering and easy work with.

My main goal at every shoot is for you to have fun. I love seeing children's faces light up with laughter and couples looking at each other adoringly.