1. complement colours

Pick three or four colours that coordinate and complement each other well, and spread those throughout your group.
I'm a big fan of neutral, earthy tones.

Big dark blocks of colour can be quite heavy so I always recommend avoiding black and going for mid tones in colours that you know suit you.
Rich colour is better than loud colour and it's best to steer clear of anything neon, bright red, and coral pink - your skin tones will thank you for it.
Things I don't recommend: clothing with brand logos, labels, text and cartoons, as well as matching everyone's outfits - e.g. all white.

The same guidelines apply for footwear. But don't worry too much about shoes - I usually ask you to remove them anyway.

2. draw from your surroundings

Think about the setting of your shoot and what will look harmonious within it.

An oatmeal linen dress and bare feet perfectly suits a beach setting.

But you can also use colour to add a bit of contrast - for example, a deep earthy bronze dress is gorgeous at a sunset session.

Either you're at home or in nature so consider what's most appropriate for the space you're in.

Hot tip - it's not business clothing! Please, please don't wear anything meant for the office.

5. edit and simplify for a cohesive look

3. maximise movement and shape

Maxi dresses and skirts provide movement and drama, and are so timeless.

Hands down, they're my favourites to work with.

Consider the shape of your outfit, how it fits on your body and how it will move when you're doing things like spinning the kids around or throwing them in the air.

Casual blazers or collarless tops also work nicely, so do linen shirts and pants - because they're flattering, look great rolled up at the sleeves and ankles and won't look out of place if we get a bit active.

Mixing patterns takes a lot of skill and is often best left to those who dress that way regularly.

Subtle, small 'ditsy' pattens tend to work best together, as opposed to large, bold patterns that can clash and be distracting.

Use your best editorial eye to simplify and make the overall look harmonious.


For everyone: Good old Kmart, Farmers, Seed, Zara, Country Road, H&M.

Womenswear: Witchery, Decjuba, Max, Flo and Frankie, Dissh, Bird and Kite, Hazel and Folk, Girl and the Sun, Petal and Pup.

Menswear: Rod & Gunn, Connor, yd., Barkers, Hallensteins.

Baby and child: Jamie Kay, Quincy Mae, Nature Baby, Blue Daisy Wares, Karibou Kids.

Tween and teen: Seed, Cotton On, Dotti, Just Jeans. Many of the adult clothing stores listed above could work depending on age and size.

4. emphasise and contrast textures

Get playful with texture.

Juxtapose muslin, cheesecloth, lace, linen, chiffon, tulle, knits, swiss dot, ribbed items, broderie, tweed, fur etc.

Mixing textures gives your set of outfits so much more depth and interest.

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